Introduction Edit

To apply a script to an object you have placed in the actors.bin or scene2.bin, you need to add this information in the mpscripts.dta file. (stored inside your missions folder) In singleplayer, mission files it is called scripts.dta. If you started a map modding project based on a singleplayer map, you have to rename that file.

Note: If you are using GS Hawk's HD2 Scripter to change the mpscripts.dta please note that it is not working correctly.
It's very easy to add and delete scripts but you have to edit the bytecount manually (with Hex-Editor) and remove the last 2 bytes at the end of your mpscripts.dta file as well.

Layout Edit

32-bit INT bytecount
Object 1
Script Object 1
Object 2
Script Object 2
Object N
Script Object N

An layout example you can see in the picture on the right. It is taken from the Africa5 occupation map (AFRICA5_MP_ZONE).

Header Edit

The mpscripts.dta (scripts.dta) begins with 4x0 bytes followed by the file's bytecount. (32-Bit INT)
Remember if you add or delete a script link manually you have to edit the bytecount as well.

Links Edit

After the bytecount, there comes a list of actors and their corresponding script file which they are linked to.
The code for each actor and each script file is always the same:

Block 1000 meaning example
32-bit INT bytecount 0F00 0000 (15 bytes)
STRING actor (script file) m_nadrz6 (cisterna6.scr)
00 marks string end always 00

In our example on the picture cisterna6.scr is assigned to object m_nadrz6, m_nadrz7 to cisterna7.scr and so on.