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Welcome to the HD2 Wiki

This wiki is about the World War II tactical shooter Hidden & Dangerous 2 and its add-on Sabre Squadron.

There's still a lot of content to add. Feel free to help out.

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HD2 is now for sale on!

Play HD2 multiplayer

Play HD2 online again, thereto add following lines to your Windows hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc)	#hidden and dangerous 2 check		#hidden and dangerous 2 heartbeats		#hidden and dangerous 2 server list

Easier way is to use DnA (aka Hawk) hosts patcher.

Simply download and execute the file, type Y and confirm with enter. This will auto-update your hosts file.

For further infos and especially if you are running the version of HD2, please read the article written by TechGremlin on

Latest activity

Hidden & Dangerous 2 (abbreviated HD2) is a 2003 World War II, stealth based, tactical first and third person shooter video game. It centres on the British Special Air Service in operations behind Axis lines 1941-45. [1]

HD2 lrg

Hidden & Dangerous 2 logo

Hidden & Dangerous 2 2013 Trailer04:01

Hidden & Dangerous 2 2013 Trailer

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